Neurosurgeons at Leeds.

Below is a list of all of the consultant neurosurgeons working within the department. Please click on the individual names to find out more about a particular surgeon.

Mr Ian Anderson

Mr Paul Chumas

Mr Robert Corns

Mr Kenan Deniz

Mr Chris Derham

Mr John Goodden

Mr Debasish Pal

Mr Nick Phillips

Mr Senthil Selvanathan

Mr Asim Sheikh

Mr Gnanamurthy Sivakumar

Mr Simon Thomson

Mr Atul Tyagi


Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeons at Leeds.

In addition to the neurosurgical consultants in Leeds, we also work closely with orthopaedic spinal surgeons.

Mr Robert Dunsmuir

Mr Nigel Gummerson

Mr Almas Khan

Mr Pete Milner

Mr Abhay Rao

Mr Grzegorz Rudol


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